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The 80/20 Rule in IT Project Management

The 80/20 Rule in IT Project Management

The 80/20 Rule states that in any project, 80 percent of the work will be done in 20 percent of the time but the other 20 percent of the work will require the other 80 percent of the time. That may sound counterintuitive, but from my experience, it is pretty close to true.

The Art of Interviewing

Interviewing needs to be developed as a technical skill just as important as your other skills. Because of this, it is important to view interviewing as not just a part of job hunting, but as a part of one’s career. From the employer side, interviewing should be seen as an important skill for assembling the best team possible.

Social media

I have been thinking about social media. What it is, and what its impact is on people and businesses. Social media seems to be two different things. From the user perspective, it is any platform or connecting set of sites for sharing information with
friends, colleagues, or other interested parties. From the  businesses perspective it is any platform and connecting APIs that collect user data for marketing and apps for ecommerce transactions.

My wife, the Poweruser

My wife is a Poweruser, with a capital P.  She keeps me on my toes and has challenged my technical abilities on many occasions.  Not because she know more than I do.  Because she knows what she wants to do and expects the technology to meet her needs.  And I can usually find ways to help her do that.  Sometimes with off-the-shelf applications and some fancy footwork for task scheduling, macros, or scripting.  Sometimes we need new hardware, software or custom code to do what she wants.  And she isn't asking for anything extreme.  Media f

What's to come

Today has been a very busy day.  A lot of calls from recruiters.  A lot of email about various job offers.  Mostly good, but what is most interesting is what I see coming.  The IT industry is changing.  Between virtualization, SaaS/Cloud services, offshoring and proliferation of professional services, it looks like the relationship of IT professionals is being divorced from the actual job.  I'm not sure if that is good or bad.  I have had positive and negative experiences both as a permanent employee and as a contractor.  What do you think?

Getting Going

First off, I want to thank Fenwick Rysen for all the work he did to put this site together so quickly. I wasn't really ready to put all this together and he made it happen on the fly.  I greatly appreciate his work.  If you need a Drupal site, I highly recommend him and will be glad to put you in touch.