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Getting Going

First off, I want to thank Fenwick Rysen for all the work he did to put this site together so quickly. I wasn't really ready to put all this together and he made it happen on the fly.  I greatly appreciate his work.  If you need a Drupal site, I highly recommend him and will be glad to put you in touch.

Second, I am a free agent again.  My previous employer closed the doors rather suddenly so I am looking for work again, thus the new site. But this will be much more.  I will be talking about technical concepts at various levels of detail that I hope will be interesting to a variety of people in the IT field.

Third, a bunch of people I highly respect are now available from my previous employer.  I would recommend any of them.  If you are looking for Developers, Sysadmins, or others from a web-savvy company that just got broken by new government regulations and a poor economy, hit me up here or on Linkedin and I will be glad to pass on contact info.

Finally, I will be posting up links to this site on a bunch of social media sites.  Please forgive if you see the links multiple times.